Regulatory compliance

As a responsible company that complies with current legal rules and regulations, theSICOR Group takes ethical behaviour very seriously in all its areas of activity. 


SICOR Group's mission is to provide private companies, the administration and individuals with the best and different solutions in any matter found within their different companies. Guarantee and quality services are some of its main characteristics.


In SICOR Group always prevails excellence in service delivery, proximity and attention to our customers.


Our work and development takes place within an ethical and socially responsible conduct. We encourage participation and teamwork, the self-development of people and we look after their health and safety. The innovation in our services together with an excellent quality/price ratio in the market, is fundamental to satisfy with total guarantee the needs of our clients.

Corporate Governance

El Corte Inglés, the group to which the SICOR Group belongs, has an independent body called the Regulatory Compliance Function, which is responsible for determining organizational and management models through different control measures, which all company employees must comply with, with the aim of moving towards the best Corporate Governance practices. 

Likewise, on 10 September 2020, the Governing Body of the SICOR Group companies decided to adhere to the compliance programme, corporate policies and other procedures in relation to the compliance function of the El Corte Inglés group of companies.


Ethical rules of the SICOR Group

The SICOR Group's ethics and behavioural advice mechanisms follow the path set by El Corte Inglés.

Code of Ethics

Its objective is to set out the ethical and performance principles to which the SICOR Group, as well as its employees and managers are committed in the development of their professional performance. This commitment is based on the principles of integrity and responsibility, guarantee and customer service, respect for human rights, relationship and link with society and the environment, respect for the environment and commitment to sustainable development. 

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Ethical Channel

In order to provide an adequate response to any doubt, discrepancy or irregularity in the Code of Ethics, as well as to collaborate in monitoring compliance with all the rules applicable to the Organization and its Members, this Ethical Channel is activated as a channel of communication and knowledge. It is, therefore, a confidential and transparent means of communication.

The information addressed to the Ethical Channel will be sent to:

Corporate Intranet
Mailing Address: El Corte Inglés, S.A.
Head of Compliance C/ Hermosilla, 112
28009 Madrid

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Statute of the Compliance Function

It defines the bases of the Regulatory Compliance Function, the bodies that must establish it, as well as its interrelation with the operational areas and interested parties. Both the approval and the amendment and repeal of this Charter are the responsibility of the Board of Directors of El Corte Inglés

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Equality Plan SICOR Seguridad El Corte Inglés, S.L.

The commitment of SICOR Seguridad El Corte Inglés to equality and, consequently, to the fulfillment of the objectives aimed at ensuring it, goes beyond its desire to achieve an effective improvement in the work environment, and is configured as an act of contribution to the plausible progress of our society towards the most real and effective equality of treatment. 

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Rules of Procedure of the Regulatory Compliance Function Bodies

The main objective of these Regulations is to regulate the channels for the development of the Regulatory Compliance Function, which defines the structure and operation, the various competencies and the commitments and duties of this Function. The approval, amendment and repeal of these Regulations are the responsibility of the Board of Directors of El Corte Inglés.

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Against Corruption and Fraud

At SICOR Group we adhere to legal regulations in order to work correctly within our lines of business. We implement organizational, technical and disciplinary measures to acquire preventive and proactive positions against corruption and fraud. 

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Gifts and Hospitality

The Policy and Procedure for Gifts and Hospitality, approved by the Board of Directors, develops the content of the Corporate Policy against Corruption and Fraud, as well as the Corporate Crime Prevention Policy and links with the ethical values of the SICOR Group, ratifying its firm will to maintain a conduct that respects both the rules and ethical standards. 

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Crime Prevention

The SICOR Group' s Board of Directors is aligned with the best practices of Corporate Governance, specifically with the development of a system of compliance with the regulations of the Criminal Code, assessing the limits in the corporate policy for the Prevention of the Commission of Crimes.

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Data Protection

Ensuring proper data protection is the aim of our policy. The SICOR Group, together with the figure of the Data Protection Officer, has the necessary infrastructure to prevent, detect, react and recover from security incidents, preserving the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals and their right to the protection of personal data.

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Conflict of Interest

This procedure responds to the desire to align with best practices in Corporate Governance and in the management of conflicts of interest in order to comply with current regulations in this area.

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Regulatory Compliance Program

The purpose of the Compliance Programme policy is to establish the SICOR Group 's risk organisation, prevention, management and control system in accordance with Spanish law.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

At SICOR Group we promote the commitment to continue moving towards sustainability to create an environment that focuses on the care and protection of the environment and the planet. Our CSR policy promotes a concept of integrity in business, as well as respect and promotion of the common good.

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Donations and Sponsorships

Policy aligned with the SICOR Group 's culture of integrity and respect for the rules, indicating a basic framework of anti-bribery compliance in accordance with the international standard ISO-UNE 37001.

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Information for suppliers

In compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, all suppliers working or wishing to work with the SICOR Group must comply with all the requirements established for evaluation and monitoring by our organization. In addition, they must be familiar with our Quality Policy and Good Environmental Practices, as well as the Emergency Plans of our facilities.

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TheSICOR Group, through its Chief Compliance Officer, ensures compliance with current regulations on the subject.

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Management Systems (Quality Policy, Environment and Occupational Risk Prevention)

The Quality, Environment and OSH Management System, implemented in SICOR Group, is based on continuous improvement and performance, the provision of services whose level of quality, environmental protection and commitment to prevent damage and deterioration of the health of its workers, make them competitive and adequate to the needs of its customers and workers in the environment where it operates. 

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Relations with officials and private entities

TheSICOR Group seeks to ensure that all its members, as well as its Business Partners, comply with the main anti-bribery regulations in the markets in which it operates, establishing a basic compliance framework aligned with the provisions of the international standard ISO 37001.  

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Corporate Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy has the challenge and purpose of achieving the development of each person that makes up our team as the main protagonists, through the design of corporate, transversal, simple, clear and flexible plans and strategies, in favor of the motivation, trust and commitment of our professionals.

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Other policies

Letter of Commitment

TheSICOR Group, as part of the El Corte Inglés Group of Companies, bases its relationship with suppliers on the established principles of action.

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Acceptance of ethical standards

At the SICOR Group we have a series of standards and macro policies, the aim of which is to establish the principles by which its employees and managers are governed, and which are also applied in their relations with the various stakeholders.

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Security Confidentiality

SICOR Security will keep strictly confidential all information to which it has or may have access in relation to the clients to whom it provides its services.

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System Management Manual

The guidelines for action related to Regulatory Compliance are defined, from its functions to the action to be taken in the event of non-compliance.

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Corporate Information Security Policy

TheSICOR Group guarantees adequate protection of information, being prepared to prevent, detect, react and recover from security incidents in this area.

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Corporate Tax Policy

Ethical behaviour requires compliance with the legal rules and regulations applicable at all times. In this context, compliance with current tax regulations is one of our fundamental principles, so that the SICOR Group 's tax contribution is one of its main contributions to economic and social development.

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Criminal liability protocols for legal persons

Training on the criminal liability of legal persons, in order to broaden the perspective on the consequences of the decisions taken in the development of the work, advance in security and align with the best practices of Corporate Governance.

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Rules of the compliance and risk control committee

The purpose of these Regulations is to establish the bases for the operation of the Compliance and Risk Control Committee and to define its functions and responsibilities, in application of the resolutions adopted by the Board of Directors of El Corte Inglés for the creation of the Compliance and Risk Control and Management functions in line with the best practices of good Corporate Governance.

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Rules of procedure of the bodies of the compliance function

As SICOR Seguridad El Corte Inglés, S.L.'s Corporate Policy. as a Corporate Policy, its implementation and application is aimed at regulating the channels of development of the Regulatory Compliance Function, through the bodies that must implement it, and the Statute of the Regulatory Compliance Function, approved by the SICOR Seguridad El Corte Inglés, S.L. Governing Body.

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