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En Grupo SICOR ofrecemos servicios relacionados con la Seguridad Física y Electrónica, Servicios Integrales, Limpieza y Mantenimiento, Centro Especial de Empleo y ETT. El objetivo de nuestras empresas es garantizar un servicio de calidad y eficiente que proporcione a los clientes las soluciones más adecuadas a sus necesidades.

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SICOR Security - DGP. 3247

Physical and electronic security

We give integrated and personalized answers in the field of Physical and Electronic Security so that our clients feel totally protected in the personal or business environment.

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SICOR Integral Services

Facility Services

Our strategic goal is to offer solutions and support to both businesses and individuals, who are looking for efficiency, quality, innovation and security in this type of services.

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SICOR Integral Cleaning

Cleaning and Maintenance

As specialists in cleaning and maintenance services, we offer our clients the best guarantees under the strictest quality controls.

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SICOR Integra El Corte Inglés

Occupational integration of people with disabilities - Qualification no. 407/CM

Achieving the full integration of people with disabilities in the labour market is one of the main objectives of SICOR Integra El Corte Inglés,

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SICOR Interservices TEA

Talent and employment

We connect people and companies, promoting the talent of professionals in companies with new challenges.

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