SICOR Integra El Corte Inglés - Qualification no. 407/CM

Integration of people with disabilities into the labour market

Achieving the full integration of people with disabilities in the labour market is one of the main objectives of SICOR Integra El Corte Inglés, providing workers with disabilities with productive and paid work, appropriate to their personal characteristics, breaking down any kind of barrier and providing effective solutions, facilitating the transition to regular employment.

Floor care and cleaning services with washing mop in sterile operating room or clean hospital

Employment is an action measure to achieve the integration of people with disabilities into society, thus building a better world. In this aspect, access to the labour market -improving training and promotion opportunities- is one of the best ways to achieve the main social mission: to offer opportunities, develop and improve the employability of people with disabilities, contributing to an adequate level of autonomy.

Special Employment Centre (CEE).

Our Activities:

We help companies, on the one hand, regardless of their sector or activity, to adopt the necessary and essential measures to participate in labour integration, so that these workers do not feel excluded in the professional sphere and, on the other hand, we help them to comply with the obligation of the 2% quota of jobs reserved for people with disabilities.

SICOR Integra El Corte Inglés, is qualified by the Community of Madrid to carry out the following Alternative Measures:

  • General cleaning of buildings: cleaning activities inside buildings.
  • Other business support activities: Control and janitorial services in office buildings.
  • Combined Administrative Services: Office administrative activities.
  • Call centre activities: Telephone answering.
  • Packing and packaging activities: Management services, warehousing, picking and handling of goods (outsourced).

Another alternative measure that we can put in place to carry out the main activity of our clients is the constitution of Labour Enclaves.

SICOR Integrates El Corte Inglés

Benefits of using SICOR Integra El Corte Inglés

SICOR Integra El Corte Inglés, through the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace, we promote and create values and advantages.

It is a reality that companies are enriched by diversity. For this reason, having the advice and help of a company like SICOR Integra El Corte Inglés is essential to transform a better society.

Legal compliance

Companies with more than 50 employees are obliged to ensure that at least 2% of their staff are people with disabilities. This obligation to hire people with disabilities facilitates their integration into the labour market.
Possible difficulties in applying the 2% quota have led to the regulation of the so-called "EXCEPTIONALITY", which allows companies obliged to apply the aforementioned reservation to choose to apply certain "Alternative Measures" with a Special Employment Centre such as SICOR Integra El Corte Inglés, subject to certain requirements and prior authorisation from the Administration.

Favorable work environment

The incorporation of this type of profile in a company fosters a good working environment, in which all employees are considered as equals, allowing them to learn and grow both personally and professionally.

Satisfaction of other professionals

According to our customers, the feeling that they are helping and promoting the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace improves the satisfaction of the rest of the workforce. 

Social commitment

Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility as a strategic pillar in the company favors the employability of people with disabilities, which has a positive influence on building a society with values. 

At SICOR Integra El Corte Inglés we build a better society where no one feels excluded!

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