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SICOR Integral Cleaning

At SICOR Integral Cleaning,part of the SICOR Group of El Corte Inglés, we understand cleanliness as an essential factor in quality of life, something that has gained strength due to the current unprecedented situation that we have had to live through, marked by the COVID-19.

Floor care and cleaning services with washing mop in sterile operating room or clean hospital
Busy cleaner man mopping the floor in a hall

Specialized in cleaning and maintenance services, we provide solutions and support to companies and individuals, who are looking for a complete guarantee when contracting effective cleaning services for all their facilities. 

At SICOR Integral Cleaning we analyse the needs of our clients in order to achieve optimum levels of cleanliness. We work day after day to offer tailor-made solutions through personalised attention and a quick and efficient response capacity. 

With the aim of providing added value, our cleaning services are mainly focused on two areas of action, maintenance cleaning and special cleaning (works, extraordinary cleaning for removals, furniture changes...).  

Regardless of the type of cleaning we carry out, at SICOR Integral Cleaning we always guarantee healthy and comfortable spaces, respecting and caring for the environment. All this is possible thanks to our professionals, who in addition to being qualified and in constant training, have a high degree of specialization. 

Cleanliness, key at the SICOR Group

The experience and specialization guarantee SICOR Limpieza Integral, a cleaning and maintenance company with great experience in the market.

We meet the demands of our customers to offer them tailor-made cleaning solutions.

By means of cleaning services we manage to reduce the deterioration of the spaces, extending its useful life, which translates into a reduction of costs for the company.  

Cleaning Solutions

SICOR Integral Cleaning is the perfect solution to any cleaning and/or maintenance need. Our main services are: 

Regular cleaning:
Sweep/wet sweep.
Mechanical scrubbing/scrubbing.
Stain removal.
Emptying of containers.
Treatment of all types of floors.
Glass cleaning.
Cleaning of screens.
Parking maintenance.

SICOR Integral Cleaning, quality guarantee

Why SICOR Integral Cleaning?

Our clients endorse the success of SICOR Integral Cleaning, valuing positively the advice and personalised attention we offer. 

With a long trajectory in the market

By adapting to its evolution, and with the guarantee of El Corte Inglés, we have achieved the success of SICOR Limpieza Integral and the trust and loyalty of our customers, who are looking for peace of mind when contracting our services.  

Tailor-made solutions

We are specialized in offering tailor-made solutions to meet the most demanding needs, using the most suitable materials and machinery. We carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the contracted services, guaranteeing their quality. 


We comply with all the legislative norms related to the labour field, Risk Prevention, Environment and a long etcetera.  


In the event of any type of incident, we provide an immediate solution for the continuity of the service. 

Safe zone

Our cleaning services help companies and individuals to preserve their facilities, obtaining clean, disinfected, safe and disease-free spaces.

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