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SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés, systems for homes and businesses

At SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés we work under the strictest standards of execution of methodologies and regulations, guaranteeing our clients an excellent management of costs, time, scope and quality. 

Human and technological resources available to our clients 24 hours a day.

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Through the parameters of efficiency and responsibility, we provide comprehensive, tailor-made services to guarantee complete protection for homes and businesses .

In addition to standing out for offering services related to the areas of Engineering and Design of solutions, Installation and Maintenance, Cybersecurity, CRA and Pre and After Sales Service, we integrate all security systems into one, in order to provide customised solutions.

Among the clients of SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés, we find both individuals and companies of any type of sector (Banking and Insurance, Industry, Energy, Logistics, Transport, Distribution, Retail, Shopping Centers, Health, among others). In this regard, we adapt to the needs of each of them to continue offering our expertise in security and in all areas. 

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Electronic security thanks to SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés

Through SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés, electronic security area of SICOR Security, we protect homes and businesses with the most advanced technology in Alarms so that the worries of not feeling safe disappear completely. 

Tailor-made Security Services with the latest technology from El Corte Inglés

We have the most advanced technological and professional capacity on the market, which is why clients such as El Corte Inglés, for more than 10 years, have trusted us to protect their buildings, without forgetting their employees and clients

Our services are comprehensive and personalised, where everything is included. In addition, thanks to our Alarm Reception Centre (ARC), we provide solutions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

But what do we offer with our services?

Maximum security alarm equipment and materials.
Alarm installation.
Guarantees for materials and workmanship.
Dual communications channels.
24-hour connection with the Alarm Reception Centre (ARC).
Permanent monitoring of communications.
Permanent monitoring of operation.
Notifications to Police and/or Emergency services.
24-hour personalised attention. 
Security App for use and management of your home alarm.
Panic buttons.
Fire and medical emergencies.
App Ciberescolta (according to contract conditions).
Access to the Client Area.
State-of-the-art Alarm Reception Centre (ARC).
Preferential access to the PREMIUM service.
And a host of personalised services that will help make your life and the lives of your loved ones safer and more comfortable.
SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés

Home Alarms

At SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés we are specialized in providing the most effective response in the protection of your home, we have the latest technology that allows us to achieve levels of protection unknown until now.

The security of your home IN GOOD HANDS

Taking into account the characteristics of the homes, as well as the security demands of each client, we offer alarm kits for flats, attics, ground floor flats, chalets and terraced houses.

Alarms for flats

We have security systems for homes, adapted both to your flat (of any height) and to your needs to prevent material damage or personal injury. 

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Attic and ground floor alarms

We secure the weak points of attics and ground floors such as terraces, patios, windows or doors with our security systems with the latest technology on the market. 

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Alarms for villas and townhouses

Villas and townhouses often have medium-low height, outdoor areas, open and inconspicuous spaces not used on a daily basis, which, sometimes unknowingly, indirectly facilitate the access of intruders to the property. Our alarms are the perfect solution to deal with criminals!

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Helpdesk Service

At SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés we are committed to improving the protection levels of your home. Thanks to the service of immediate intervention with security guard, we can verify and check the causes of the alarm jumps, in addition, with the Key Custody Service, you will have maximum protection at all times.

Alarms for companies

Companies are exposed to a variety of external and internal threats, which can lead to serious material and personal damage, jeopardising the security of the business and the protection of employees and customers.  

To avoid these situations, at SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés we have the most advanced security systems for companies, with the aim of creating a safe workplace.

The SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés team is responsible for the entire process involved in the installation of alarms for your company, advising and assisting the customer in everything required. 

Alarms for businesses and SMEs

After conducting a security study, we determine the best security systems for your business or SME, providing exclusive services focused on comprehensive security and cybersecurity. 

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Alarms for large companies

At SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés, we do not forget to protect large companies, taking into account that due to their size and characteristics they usually suffer more intrusions, thefts and cyber-attacks. Given this reality, we provide innovative answers in areas such as security solutions, comprehensive security and cybersecurity, thus optimizing the benefits and competitiveness of companies.  

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Engineering and design solutions

One of the essential areas in SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés is the Engineering and Design of solutions, since it is the basis of electronic security .

To this end, we provide our clients with the Projects department, made up of a team of specialists such as managers, engineers, draughtsmen, planners and sales representatives, who are responsible for designing, preparing and managing the projects and safety solutions, from the first contact and data analysis to the final delivery of the work.

The fact that we provide state-of-the-art solutions and high quality in the implementation of the project is our guarantee, we have more than 20 years of experience.

We work with first class manufacturers and products, we have the most advanced technological means on the market to optimise your business and sales processes.

Installation and maintenance

After knowing the customer's needs, at SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés we take care of the installation and maintenance of the contracted security systems, which have a full guarantee that ensure their operation always in perfect conditions. 

SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés

We have a great technical capacity and accumulated experience in the installation of cameras and complex security systems.

Anti-intrusion systems

We are specialists in the installation of systems, which either individually or integrated with other subsystems, provide total security for our clients' goods or installations:

Grade 2 and Grade 3 Alarm Centres.
Perimeter protection of interiors and critical areas.
Video-analytical protection.
Laser barriers and detectors.
Buried cable and sensor in floors or fences.
Integration with home automation.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

We install the most sophisticated CCTV systems, working in IP environments and we always develop our projects based on the most modern and efficient technologies, hand in hand with the leading manufacturers of CCTV equipment:

Super High Resolution IP Systems.
Anti-intrusion through intelligent video analysis.
Perimeter control by thermal cameras.
Control Centres and monitoring by Videowall System.

In addition, and due to the relationship of mutual trust, we have been recognised as a Gold Partner of the main brands in the market.

Access control

We provide solutions to any need to control access to your facilities or properties:

Personal access control:

Proximity, NFC, QR, biometric or facial recognition readers.
Gates, turnstiles, turnstiles, turnstiles.

Time and attendance control:

Time control with incident management.
Functionalities for Human Resources. 

Vehicle access control:

Number plate recognition.
Vehicle barriers.

Anti-theft systems

We offer our clients our experience in the study of the improvement of their management and safety processes:

Anti-Theft Antennas RF and AM technology.
Anti-theft consumables.
Protection of articles free of exposure.
Counting platforms.
Queue management.
Capacity control.

We provide state-of-the-art, high quality solutions based on the simplicity of their implementation.

Other systems

We offer our clients the possibility of adding to their customised projects a series of services and systems that we can undertake with all the guarantees of success and quality:

Fog systems.
Parking management systems.
Fire detection systems.
Fire extinguishing.
Safety boxes and chests.


We configure the security solution and services that each client requires and needs:

Integration with fire detection and extinguishing systems.
Integrated video management platforms. (Milestone, Panasonic, ISS IDIS, etc.).
Integrated systems management platforms Isis/Argos, Arquero and Dortel.
Integration of home automation systems.
Integration with SCADA systems.

The importance of cybersecurity

Extensive experience, technological capacity and advanced resources allow SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés to guarantee the security of information technology in a digitalized world where cyber-attacks are increasingly recurrent.   


With the aim of providing innovative solutions to companies from different sectors of activity and of any size (businesses, SMEs, large companies), at SICOR Seguridad we secure your business in the digital environment, designing fully customised cybersecurity protection plans .

We offer tailor-made services such as continuous advice, specific audits, monitoring and follow-up, preventive actions or remote assistance, among others. 

Under a commitment to rapid detection and proper defence management, we address active cyber-attacks from a technological perspective, avoiding the following problems:

Theft of intellectual property (trade secrets or patents).
Compromised confidential information (private data of employees and users).
Sabotage of organisational infrastructures (removal of databases).

SICOR Security's priority is to avoid potential threats and damage and, should they occur, to minimise them, thereby defending the corporate and business reputation of the business.

SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés

Our CRA, the cornerstone of SICOR Security

At SICOR Seguridad we have an Alarm Reception Centre and a personalisedservice that allows us to extend the security options we offer.


Alarm Reception Centre

Our installation is prepared to receive and attend all the signals emitted from the alarms connected in the customers' homes and businesses.

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