Alarm Reception Centre

The SICOR Security CRA

At SICOR Security we have our own Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), located in a maximum security building, with the latest technology and professionals of the highest level, our installation is prepared to receive and attend the various signals that are emitted from the alarms connected in the homes and businesses of our customers. 

Personalised security with more than 20 years of experience

Our professionals, the real protagonists

Our Alarm Receiving Centre is considered one of the largest ARCs in Europe, which allows us to provide service to a high volume of connections, always counting on professionals, specialized in security, who are responsible for ensuring the protection of all customers.  

The success of our technological and innovative security systems is maximized thanks to our great team, made up of experts in the reception, management and monitoring of alarm signals, to quickly and efficiently verify these signals, who, if necessary, activate the corresponding security protocols. SICOR Security's ARC is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which allows us to respond to customer requests in a very short time. 

The most innovative systems thanks to the latest technology

One of the keys to the success of SICOR Security ARC is technology, we have the most advanced security systems on the market that allow us to meet the needs of our customers, with the dual objective of being able to provide a comprehensive personalized service and also offer maximum protection in the personal and / or business.  


How does the SICOR Security Alarm Reception Centre work?

In order to ensure communications, our ARC has two-way communications equipment, a unique system that is impossible to inhibit and that allows the Police, Fire and Health Services to be alerted in emergency situations. 

Call Verification and Incident Tracking

In addition, alarm signals are always verified by our ARC by various methods, such as making calls to customers or contact persons, viewing images captured by security systems or active listening via control panels, among others. 

In the event of any mishap, we immediately notify the police or any other emergency service so that they can solve the problem as soon as possible. 

The quality of service of our ARC is translated in guarantee, our professionals not only monitor and verify the alarms, they also analyze any situation and carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the incidences until their complete resolution.

SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés
SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés

Feel protected with our ARC

The Alarm Receiving Centreallows us to offer maximum protection to all our customers, who are looking for greater peace of mind and comfort, whether in their homes or businesses. For this reason, different factors determine our success: 

Constant vigilance.
Qualified professionals.
Own agents.
Notice to the Police and State Security Forces.
Privacy guaranteed.
Fast and effective intervention.
Quality standards and homologation.
Deterrent effect.
Savings on home insurance.
Quick response.
Preventive security.

Pre and After Sales Service

At SICOR Alarm El Corte Inglés we take care of our customers with an exclusive service before, during and after the contracting process, responding to any type of need.

Safety studies

We carry out security studies, risk analysis/solutions and security audits with which we provide advice to effectively protect your assets.

Security and trust

Our management provides security and confidence to our clients so that they can dedicate their time and effort to their activity with the peace of mind that comes from leaving their protection in our hands.


We maintain the installed systems in perfect condition to ensure their correct operation and extend their useful life.

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