Go on holiday with these tips and leave the security of your home IN GOOD HANDS

We have been spending a lot more time at home than usual and this summer we can get back to normality a little more and return to our summer resorts or discover new destinations, that's why we care about the safety of your home.

This brings back the classic fear that our home or business will be broken into when we are away or even that we may be the victim of a squat in our absence.

At SICOR Seguridad El Corte Inglés, S.L. through SICOR Alarms we work day after day to offer you maximum protection and comfort in homes and businesses, but it is important to bear in mind some simple security tips that it is advisable to follow to avoid and minimise the risks of intrusion and theft, so that you can think only about enjoying that well-deserved rest.

The main thing is to have a reliable alarm system with sufficient guarantee of operation and effectiveness. More and more people are using alarm systems, so criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their actions in order to breach the response of this equipment. Make sure that the alarm system installed has the technology to detect and alert the police due to sabotage of communications.

10 tips to keep your home security in safe hands while on holiday:

1. Keep all main and secondary entrances properly closed.

When you are not in your attic, villa or flat, you should always make sure that all entrances such as doors and windows are properly locked. The more difficulties intruders encounter, the more the chances of burglary are considerably reduced. However, it is advisable to leave some blinds or curtains ajar, awnings lowered, etc. 

Having a domotic device to which you can remotely connect lights, television, or any other electronic equipment, is also a good way of showing presence in the home. 

2. Doors, always locked

A large proportion of home intrusions are due to a weakness in one of the doors or windows. 

It is important that all entrances to the home are locked, whether or not you are inside the home. In addition, it is recommended that these doors have at least two locking points. 

Another thing that seems logical, but still happens: Remember not to leave a set of keys in the vicinity of the house! Intruders tend to look in these areas, so don't make it easy for them.

3. As far as possible make it appear that the dwelling is inhabited.

Simulating that the home is inhabited, especially in prolonged absences such as holidays or weekends and in second homes, is key.

Ask someone you trust to collect the mail from your letterbox. If you have a SICOR alarm, you can temporarily disconnect the alarm remotely to make it easier for a family member or acquaintance to access your home and show signs of habitability by raising the blinds from time to time. With the SICOR ALARM, you can leave the keys with people you know, but they will not be able to gain access without your consent. 

4. Do not store high-value objects or documents

Although sometimes complicated, large amounts of money, valuables and documents should not be kept inside the home. If strictly necessary, it is recommended to have a safe deposit box to protect the most valuable items.

5. A season away from home? Don't go public!

With the rise of new technologies and in particular social networks, more and more people are posting their holiday or work plans on these channels, which can be a call to intruders if the absence is long. At SICOR Alarms we advise against making this type of content public. 

6. Write down the serial number of household appliances, photographic, video and similar equipment.
7. Photograph jewellery and other valuables.
8. Make the right choice of domestic helpers

If these persons have had access to the keys to enter the home, when they cease their services, change the locking cylinders.

9. Do not make appointments in the home with strangers.

Especially if the contact has been established by telephone, Internet or other means that facilitate anonymity.

10. Pay particular attention to short absences

Going to the swimming pool of the urbanisation, small purchases, actions that we do not give importance to because of their speed can lead to intrusions, so always leave the alarm on and the doors locked. 

Opening the deadbolt without the lock in place is very quick and easy for criminals.

Some of these recommendations offered by SICOR Alarms for home security can also be applied to businesses. Protect your business to the maximum, remember that it is essential that only authorised persons have access to the installed alarms, each employee can have a security code.

Don't forget to pay special attention to opening and closing times, as these are often the times when potential criminals are most likely to activate their plan. 

Remember that business interiors and exteriors should always be well lit and that access points should be checked regularly to ensure that they are in optimum condition.

If you want to read more personal safety tips and recommendations, you can read this article.

From SICOR Security we would like to wish you a Happy and Safe Holiday!

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