Chief Operating Officer, SICOR Group

  1. SICOR Group offers a wide range of security and Facility Services, could you highlight some of the most innovative services and how they have positively impacted customer satisfaction?

Practically all services are innovative, and this is due both to the ability to adapt to meet the needs of our customers, here we must make special mention of the different departments of the SICOR Group, and the application of the technologies we have in each of the lines of business. All this for the benefit of our customers, who obtain advantages that other competitors cannot offer them, thus having a positive impact by obtaining high levels of guarantee and quality, and something very advantageous for them, the possibility of cost reduction for their business.

  1. Technology is constantly evolving, how does the SICOR Group ensure that its security solutions are aligned with the latest technological advances?

A group like Grupo SICOR is obliged to know the technological innovations of the market in which it competes. In this case, SICOR Seguridad El Corte Inglés has systems, development and innovation departments with which to learn about and apply related technology to all the services we provide in the security sector: physical surveillance, home or business alarms and security systems for large installations.

  1. Cybersecurity is a growing concern in today's digital world. How does the SICOR Group address security challenges related to data protection and cyberattack prevention?

We currently have, internally and externally, effective and quality programs for data protection of both customers and employees, and the prevention of cyber-attacks, in order to anticipate them and have the capacity to react in case they happen, informing the customer instantly.

  1. In addition to home and personal security, in what other areas or industries do SICOR Group's services stand out? How do you adapt your solutions to the specific needs of each sector?

Indeed, SICOR Group not only provides security services through SICOR Seguridad El Corte Inglés, we have other lines of business to meet customer demand:

  • SICOR Integral Services, to offer added solutions and support to both businesses and individuals, seeking efficiency in the so-called Facility Services: assistants, janitors, cleaning...
  • SICOR Integra El Corte Inglés, our Special Employment Center (CEE) whose objective is to achieve the full integration of people with disabilities in the labor market.
  • SICOR Interservicios ETT, specialized in finding the talent our clients need and are looking for.

  1. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are increasingly important issues for companies. What initiatives or practices has the SICOR Group implemented to contribute to sustainable development?

The different areas of the SICOR Group establish the guidelines to be followed in relation to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, from the implementation of an equality plan, digitalization plan, carbon footprint measurement, inclusion of people with disabilities, complaints channel accessible to all employees..., measures that benefit employees, customers and the company.

  1. Customer service is fundamental in any industry. What is Grupo SICOR's approach to ensure service excellence and customer satisfaction in every interaction?

We believe that fluid and daily contact with the customer, in addition to on-site supervision, guarantees excellence and customer satisfaction. Knowing the customer and knowing how to meet their needs is the basis for being operative, managing possible incidents that may occur in the shortest time and providing options for improvement in services helps us to create guarantee and trust, values that distinguish us from our competitors.

  1. How does the SICOR Group ensure that its team is well trained and updated with the necessary skills to provide high quality services?

The incorporation to the SICOR Group passes through several professional filters before reaching the client.

1º Selection Department: where the best candidates for the position are selected.

2nd Operations Department: through interviews more focused on the positions to be filled, the candidates with the greatest capacity and affinity for each service are proposed.

3º Knowledge of the service: the candidate will always be accompanied by a professional (tutor) who will teach and supervise if he/she has all the necessary and essential information to perform the functions of the position autonomously.

  1. Occupational risk prevention is essential for any service company. What measures does the SICOR Group implement to ensure the safety and well-being of its team?

From our prevention department, we are constantly informed of new measures or situations that we must adopt in each service. Knowing the actions to follow at all times helps us to prevent and make decisions that protect both employees and our customers, so it is of great importance that there is a very fluid communication between the Prevention Department and the Operations Department, from the beginning of each service until its completion to maintain the adapted measures.

  1. Grupo SICOR has been operating in the market for a considerable time. Could you share some important milestones or outstanding achievements that the company has reached in recent years?

As SICOR Group we are reaching an important place in the sector and to a large extent, it has been thanks to the group of professionals that form it, which has made customers trust us more and more every day. It is true that the Group has not been in existence for long, but the trajectory in some of its lines of business, Security and Integral Services, has an experience of more than 20 years that has allowed us to become part of the security and services in Public Organizations, Critical Infrastructures, Penitentiary Centers, Post Offices, State Museums, private customers such as buildings, soccer stadiums, events with large crowds and of course, in shopping centers, where having the extensive experience of one of the leading companies in the country, El Corte Ingles, has helped us to access other customers in the retail sector and many other sectors in Spain.

I would highlight as our most significant achievement, the renewal of our clients' trust year after year, which is evidence of the constancy in our work and the peace of mind we give to our clients.

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