SICOR Security: Contributing to the Legacy of the Madrid Metro Security Service on its 40th Anniversary.

Last Wednesday, May 4, we had the honor of being present at the event held by the Community of Madrid for the 40th anniversary of the security service of Metro de Madrid. This celebration not only marks four decades of tireless commitment to safety, but also pays tribute to the evolution and adaptability of this essential service since its creation in 1983.

The importance of security in Metro is unquestionable. With an extension of 294 kilometers and 302 stations, the metro security service has been constantly evolving to adapt to changes in the environment and the new needs of passengers, this commitment is reflected in the large number of security guards who ensure the safety and protection of users who daily use the largest public transport network in the Spanish capital.

SICOR Security deploys in this service a team of 250 highly trained professionals who work tirelessly to maintain order and security. Security guards are the heart of this service, being the first point of contact for users and responding quickly and efficiently to any incident. Their role is essential and their dedication and professionalism are certainly to be commended.

At present, the railway company has 1,570 guards distributed among stations, trains and premises, organized individually and in patrols. In addition, it has 30 teams that travel around the surface by car to meet immediate needs.

In 2022, more than 2.5 million hours of surveillance were carried out, covering an extension of 294 kilometers and 302 stations. During this period, a total of 57,000 incidents were attended to, for a demand that exceeded 571 million trips.

The commitment to excellence has been recognized by subway users. According to the latest service quality survey, 85% of users rated the metro security service as "good" or "very good". This result is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all of us who make up this security service.

Although our contribution to this 40-year legacy is recent, we are proud to be part of this celebration. While we remember the past and honor the present, we also look forward to the future with enthusiasm. We are determined to continue to evolve and improve to meet future challenges and continue to ensure exceptional safety service on the Madrid Metro.

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