Private Security Day 2019 in Madrid, with 18 honorable mentions to MEGA-2 professionals.

Private Security Day 2019 in Madrid. Great day of celebration and recognition. During the event, 18 well-deserved honorable mentions have been delivered to professionals belonging to MEGA-2 SEGURIDAD, who in the last year, have stood out for their unique behavior, professionalism and collaboration with the Forces and Security Forces of the State, these colleagues have been : Rafael Real Sánchez, David Arguello González, Eliberto Ramos Peña, José Alberto Villanueva Moreno, Dionisio Cerrato Torres, Miguel Moreno Loro, Fernando Muñoz Kretschmer, José Ramón Ferrer Luciañez, Alberto Hidalgo Silva, Miguel Lucio Sánchez, Daniel Ballesteros Puebla, José María Camara Alonso, Cesar Cebrián Boulfiaa, María Elena Llorente Brox, Manuel Ramírez Calvillo, Eulogio Montalvo Roldan, Manuel Nercellas Otero and Diego Quintas López.

We want to take advantage of the celebration of this day of Private Security in Madrid, to extend this congratulations and recognition to all the professionals of MEGA-2 SEGURIDAD who participated in the Champions Final 2019 in the Wanda Metropolitano, and all the events held on the occasion of the final in the city of Madrid. Congratulations and thank you very much to all of them.

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