Interview with Sergio de Domingo General Manager of Mega2 Security

Eleven soccer players from Spanish teams have been victims of robbery in the last year, robbed at their homes while they were playing a match. This is a "sweet "business" for the thieves who manage to escape with their precious loot: jewelry and watches valued at up to 500,000 euros, as has been reported in some cases.

Sergio de Domingo Ortega, general manager of Mega 2 Seguridad, acknowledged in 'El Partidazo de COPE' that the security service is aware "that it will continue to happen if measures are not taken".

"Before the robberies, the gangs study the houses in great detail," said Sergio de Domingo Ortega.

The director of Mega 2 Seguridad has emphasized with Joseba Larrañaga that "we must be very careful with the content that is uploaded to social networks".

Link to full interview:

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