The capacity control solution, a great help to end COVID-19

The emergence of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing the world as we know it. is changing the world as we know it. There is currently enormous uncertainty, because it is too early to know all the details of this new disease and to predict its behaviour in the coming months. But what is clear is that there are some fundamental guidelines that are highly effective in containing its spread and reversing it.

In particular, we refer to hygiene and social distancing measures.because it is a virus that is transmitted by the microparticles of the microparticles present in the air and objects released by infected people. infected people. For this reason, it is essential to wash your hands regularly, avoid touching the mucous membranes of the face such as the mouth, eyes or nose with them and try to keep a distance of at least one meter when dealing with another person.

This is being relatively easy to accomplish during the State of Alarm that went into effect in Spain on last 14th Marchbecause the obligation of isolation invites to do so.. But what will happen once the de-escalation and the return to a relative and a return to relative normality? Of course, it will be inevitable that many people will gather in some areas to work, enjoy services or engage in leisure activities. This is why it is necessary to have it is necessary to have tools in place that allow us to exercise some form of control to ensure public health.

The Gathering Control Solution, the best way to ensure social distance

Fortunately, technology is a great ally in the face of these problems and, for these cases, offers us the Capacity Control Solution. This tool allows us to control, automatically, the occupancy level of a specific establishment to ensure that it does not exceed its occupancy limit. A capacity which, on the other hand, will have to be more reduced than usual while the threat of COVID-19threat is present, so that there can there can be a minimum minimum safe distance between each person.

What does it consist of exactly? It works based on the installation of a sensor that acts as a people counter, thanks to a 3-D technology technology that has a reliability more than 98%. It is set up and quickly and is Wi-Fi-enabled. Wior Ethernet connection, which allows it to be set up and activate it it remotely. In addition, it is robust enough to prevent data loss. prevent data loss in the event of untimely network outages.

Moreover, there is no need to worry about the aesthetic aspect either, because it comes in two versions, recessed and surface-mounted, and its colour can also be customised. In fact, each of these installations has all the basic elements necessary for its operation for its operation:

  • A traffic light that indicates to the person whether he/she can access the establishment or must wait.
  • An automatic door opening or closing mechanism, depending on the level of capacity of the establishment at that time.
  • An information panel for the system managerwhere you can see the current state of occupation, the total capacity and the accumulated visits throughout the day.

In this way, thanks to its computerized program, the person in charge of the establishment will be able to receive immediate notifications by email if the established capacity is exceeded and will also have online access to OnTrace Analyticsan indicator for measuring the efficiency of your business. Aspects that will allow you to comply with the law, contribute to public health and can also continue to monetize your work. Not only will you be able to continue provide your services, but you will save costs in the control staff and get a greater customer loyalty by the good quality of your service.

Advantages for the customer, the business manager and for the security staff members

Thanks to all this, the Capacity Control Solution is ideal for application in banks, retail stores, supermarkets, fast food chains, large spaces or leisure and service shopping centres. After installation, it will allow them to continue operating under an automated and secure control., which will also serve to give peace of mind to the customers and employees during the visit.. Both through the improvement of the shopping experience, and by preventing interaction with the members of securitywhich will be healthier and healthier and avoid unnecessary risks for both parties. both parties.

In short, the COVID-19 is going to change our lives for a while, but with tools such as the Capacity Control Solution this situation will be easier to cope with. There is no reason to give up the social experience of leisure and service, nor to put the health of workers and citizens at risk. That's why the best way to adapt to life in times of pandemic is to take advantage of technological resources and rely on their answers, because with their help, the end of the Coronavirus will be that much closer.

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