Cádiz CF awards SICOR Group for its role in private security

After consolidating its position in the first division for another year, the Cadiz CFThe team did not want to say goodbye to the season without thanking the SICOR Group for their work in organising the matches in a safe and secure manner.

During this season, the Club has been able to count on the services of Security, provided through SICOR Security SICOR Servicios Integrales, and auxiliary services, which have enabled the matches to be held without incidents that could affect both the fans and the Club in general; for this reason, the Club's management has presented our organisation with an award. The award was collected by our Director of Operations, Rafael Real Sánchez, who thanked the Club for the trust placed in us.

Cádiz CF awards the SICOR Group

During the appreciation ceremony, other awards were presented to the different organisations that have actively served during the matches held at the home stadium.

Also present were different representatives of other entities and State Security Forces and Bodies such as: Red Cross, Local Police, Civil Guard and National Police. They also received the commemorative plaque.

The event, which took place at the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium (formerly Carranza), was attended by Cádiz CF vice-president Rafael Contreras, who, together with Pepe Mata, assistant member of the Club's presidency, congratulated both the players and "all those who help us in our stadium to ensure that each match meets all the conditions to be played in an optimal manner, and who are also involved in ensuring that Cádiz continues in LaLiga Santander".

Congratulations Cadiz FC for keeping you in the first division for another year and for continuing to count on Grupo SICOR! We will continue to offer a first class service.

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