Successful altercation and fire drill at the Cadiz CF stadium

SICOR Seguridad, a security company of the El Corte Inglés group that provides surveillance and auxiliary services to Cádiz Club de Fútbol, took part in the simulation in which the National Police, Police Intervention Units, Local Police and Firefighters, Civil Protection, Red Cross and Cádiz Club de Fútbol's Security Management also participated, as well as dozens of extras, who simulated altercations in the upper tier of the Preferencia stand.

The exercise that took place at the Nuevo Mirandilla in the Preferencia stand was supervised at all times by the Sports Office of the National Police.

The drill focused on two possible situations of great importance: action in the event of an altercation between local and visiting fans, and later, a fire with an explosion in the Tribune area, forcing the evacuation of the entire stadium by the security team deployed for the event.

This operation, which took place on July 15, is the third to be carried out in La Liga, having previously only been carried out at the Villarreal and Sevilla CF stadiums.

This type of maneuvers are of great importance to improve safety in the field as well as to prevent them.

Grupo SICOR, through its company SICOR Seguridad, is constantly training its entire team to prevent violence at sporting events and to act quickly and effectively in emergency situations. Prevention is a valuable factor that allows us to reduce the effects of any eventuality.

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