Our colleagues from the CRA have run the Metlife race.

El Corte Inglés has sponsored the Metlife 15 km race held on Sunday 13 March in Madrid.

The Metlife race, more supportive than ever, was aimed at supporting the Ukrainian people's emergency in the face of the war situation in which they find themselves and to be able to channel aid, in the hope that this conflict will soon come to an end.

Our CRA colleague Jorge Ruiz Roso Montes was the winner of a double bib to take part in the Metlife 15 km race sponsored by El Corte Inglés, for which a bib draw was held among the employees who decided to try their luck.

Jorge teamed up with Ángel Luis Jiménez Rocha, another of our technicians from SICOR Alarmas. SICOR AlarmsThey were supported by other members of the team who accompanied them throughout the tour, moving around in transport to applaud them at different points in the capital.

We asked them a few questions to motivate the rest of the staff:

How did you get the bib for the Metlife race?

We saw it on the employee portal and entered the draw for the double bib for the Metlife race. In the end the winner was Jorge, but he offered his second bib to Ángel Luis as he is the most sporty member of the team.

How long did it take you to prepare for the 15 km race? 

10 days before the race we were informed that we had won the bibs and with the work we were able to train for only 3 days.

Are you a regular athlete? 

Some more than others, lately we have been going out to do sport with several people from the office, some of us like cycling more, others like running... We are supporting each other to improve our physical shape, Ángel Luis has been fundamental in promoting these sports meetings in the department.

What mark have you achieved? 

*The important thing is that we finished the race, with so little preparation that's quite an achievement and also we were waiting for each other to cross the finish line at the same time.

Anything you would like to highlight? 

We didn't know anyone who had won one of these prizes internally, but this time we were the lucky ones!

Congratulations, we look forward to seeing you in the next edition of the challenge!!!

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