SICOR Group with sport

SICOR Group promotes sport and health among its employees with bibs for the Rock'n'Roll Series Madrid

At SICOR Group we are in favour of sport, and thanks to the collaboration we had with the organiser MAPOMAwe raffled double bibs so that our employees could run through the streets of Madrid in the Zurich Rock'n'Roll Series, in one of the 3 modalities: 10k, half marathon and marathon.

SICOR Group with sport

The draw was carried out through our corporate LinkedIN where we encouraged people to follow us on all our social networks. The winners and participants of the bibs were Alberto Sánchez and Rodrigo Sánchez; who ran the 10k, and Jorge Ruiz-Roso and Jaime Pina who chose the half marathon and it was the second time they participated in something similar promoted by the company so that sport becomes a habit and can be supported among the company's own colleagues.

The SICOR Group provided the security service at the Zurich Rock'n'Roll Series Madrid race itself, as part of its commitment to promoting these major sporting events.

The company SICOR Seguridad was chosen by MAPOMA, the race organiser, to guarantee the safety and protection of all participants and attendees at the event.

We hope to continue to be part of the next races with our safety equipment and also with the active participation of all our colleagues.

Congratulations and we look forward to the next challenge which is sure to take place very soon!!!!

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