Security guards, the unsung heroes who also fight against COVID-19

Can you imagine a worldcan you imagine a world without security forces? Impossible, ¿is it? In order for the society in which we live to be able to carry on with its daily activity, it is essential to have the contribution of all those professionals who are in charge in charge of ensuring compliance with the law and for the the welfare of citizens. For this reason, the Government of Spain included its work among the list of professions professions that during the Holy Week were to continue to , even after their decision to tighten their confinement rules to combat to combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19)..

This has led both law enforcement and public security forces as well as the public and privaterivates ons and publicen these days in the the the front line of the 'battle' against the disease, as are the specialists in the specialists health specialists who care for the thousands of people affected by the disease.. In fact, tll of them together formn an unbeatable teameven though its members are not members are not always equally recognized.

And the fact is that the well-deserved applause social usually is usually only for the medicalthe medical sector, which means This means relegating the rest of the the rest of the professionals who aren fundamental so that basic services such as basic services such as hospitals hospitals and health centres to function properly. That is why it is important to remember that for a doctor to save a life, he or she needs to work with the peace of mind of knowing that there is someone looking out for his or her safety and for by compliance with the rule of law.

Heroes demand visibility and recognition

It is estimated that there are currently are about 83.000 security guards who workn throughout Spain. People whose work is basic for the country to continue functioning in spite of the Etate of AlarmThe country is still functioning in spite of the 'A larma State', because it is precisely this that ensures that the country can continue ton for the and the smooth running of health centres, transport hubs, supermarkets in health centres, transport hubs, supermarkets, prisons or power stations. And they also do this bynby the characteristics of their the nature of their work, in front of the public, which put them in a clear situation of risk.

At in this case may not saven lives in a direct way, as doctors or doctors do nurses do. But without their work the system would not be able to function properlyproperly, as they they provide the stability needed to bring calm and tranquillity to a troubled and worried society.. That is why at SICOR Group we would like to remember its fundamental role in this joint battle and request the recognition of their work on the part of authorities and citizens.

Deep down, what these invisible heroes these invisible heroes are crying out for is a little attention. As far as the authorities the authorities, so that they stop considering this activity as not very dangerous and to catalogue it as what it is, high risk. high risk. With this, would facilitate sector access to materials and equipment PPEs, as well as a diagnostic tests, which in turn would prevent daily thousands of professionals from daily exposure to toa disease. And also in the field of to the citizenry, so that this the importance of the work of the security officers in the security sector. at this daily struggle.

For our part, the recognition is total and absolute for the thousands of comrades who daily go out to the streets to carry out their tasks. of vigilance. Our applause foror all those brave professionals who are at the foot of the cannon, with or without means, who do not falter and who show that they put the common good before their own. They also deserve deserve to hear it and feel itbecause with their work they show that they are not afraid of anything and do not hesitate to be a fundamental part of the social social gear with which little by little we are managing to defeat the Coronavirus.

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