SICOR Group encourages you to become an anonymous hero to fight against Coronavirus

In very few days the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is changing ours lifes. We are facing the worst pandemic of the last century and Spain is one of the most affected countries, since in its first days the number of cases and deaths is growing exponentially. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a series of social measures in order to slow down the growth curve of the outbreak, so that our health system does not collapse in the first days of the system does not collapse in the coming weeks. weeks initial weeks and that the number of cases is gradually reduced.

The 'ground ground zeroof the disease was located in Wuhan, China at the end of 2019 and since then it has been impossible to stop its spread around the world. But, fortunately, in China itself China and in other countries such as Singapore y South Korea have been able to contain the infection at the local level with strict social isolation measures and very detailed monitoring of each case and outbreak. Thus, the example of these countries is a good demonstration of what should be done in the rest of the world., so that this bad dream ends as soon as possible.

At Spain has already implemented a State of Alert for at least 15 days, which involves restrictions on the movement of people and isolation measures. An unprecedented situation in the history of the country, but necessary to regain control and save as many lives as possible. And the fact is that, according to studies, the ratio of contagium rate of the Coronavirus is between two and three This is aggravated if we take into account that the incubation period is around five or six days (it can be even longer) and that the disease can remain in the organism for more than three weeks.

In this way, it is essential to cut this chain of contagion through very basic and important measures. Small details such as washing your hands after coming into contact with other people or touching public objects, keeping a distance of at least one distance of at least one and a half meters from others., not touching your face and eyes with dirty hands, or touching o coughing into the inside of your elbow to cover your mouth can make a difference and prevent us from or, if we are already sick, from falling ill.aor, if we are already ill, from unwittingly infecting others and unwittingly participating in this sad chain.

In fact, the aim is to achieve that the ratio to be less than one, because if we do, we will doom the disease to its demise. And this is a battle that we cannot wage alonebecause we we have that together.. We cannot fail, not only for ourselves, but also for the groups at risk., such as the elderly or people who suffer from previous pathologies, such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes, oncology, respiratory problems, etc.

This is our chance to become unsung heroes. And the best news is that the key to achieving this is within everyone's reach: comply with the recommendations, listen to the authorities and stay at home as much as possible. That's why, at SICOR Group we encourage you to do so. We have always been committed to your safety and now is a vital time in our lives when we have to be up to the task. So join us and cut the chain of spread of Coronavirus!

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