We partner with C.F. Sala Majadahonda in pursuit of reintegration into society through sport

On the 21st of february MEGA-2 GROUP collaborated with Club Fútbol Sala Majadahonda in the friendly match they played against the inmates of the penitentiary centre Madrid-I Women of Alcalá Meco (who belong to the foundation of Real Madrid). The match, which had a high demand of participants, was developed with absolute normality and clearly fulfilled the proposed objective: to promote reintegration into society through the positive and educational values that sport brings together.

MEGA-2 GROUP is fully committed to this cause and proof of this is the participation in initiatives with a clear solidarity character. In addition, MEGA-2 GROUP donated complete playing equipment to the penitentiary centre in order to support the the development development of futsal among the inmates.

This experience was described as spectacular by the team of the majariegoand also assured that they will repeat it again in 2021. The truth is that the event the event again exceeded all expectations at the beginning, since many women wanted to collaborate in it and enjoy, in addition, the practice of a sport as exciting as it is indoor football.

After a series of small friendly matches between the Majadahonda Futsal Club and the inmates of Madrid-I Women of Alcalá Meco there was an exchange of gifts between both entities, a clear symptom of the great existing harmony. MEGA-2 GROUP is very proud to have done its bit in this event and hopes to participate in more events of similar importance in the future.

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