Private security's recent crisis management is its best guarantee of quality

Like the rest ofn the same way as the rest of society, the Segurity sector Privada is slowly beginning to see a glimmer of light., after three difficult months in which the quarantine quarantine has directly affected many of its professionals and has altered the regulatory and social context.. Thus, these have been weeks in which there has been a certain a certain activity has come to a standstill, with the consequent crisis.

A difficult period that could only be only been cushionedo thanks to a the new recruitments promoted by the hospitality the hospitality sector; as well as by the measures collaboration measures measures promoted by the government to keep the situation under control.

In fact, of the more than 80,000 professionals at Private Security professionals currently in Spain, it is estimated that around 20% (some 15,000) have (around 15,000) have been have been directly involved since March in tasks related to the prevention prevention and containment of the spread of the spread of the Coronavirus. And these tasks have been have been carried out in places such as hospitals or transport stations, in close cooperation with with the  State's Security Forces and Corps. In fact, together together they have formed a teama work team that has received the admiration and recognition of numerous citizens of the from the whole country.

Recognition for the sector, an impetus to continue their work

For Private Security, the support and gratitude from society has given them a boost to their morale to carry out their work to perfection in a situation that has not been easy to cope a situation that has not been at all easy to overcome.. At no time have their professionals been considered high-risk personnel; despite having to appear every day in environments and in the field. at environments and scenarios where the Coronavirus could be present.

This has increased their exposure and has led them to led many workers to take a stand against the disease., for the common good and despite the lack of access to tests diagnostic tests.

But, even in this hostile environment, the sector has fulfilled its obligations and has given the 'do de pecho', becoming an essential part of the social gear that has been able to bend little by little the curve of contagions. Quite an achievement, to which he has contributed after a necessary  process of adaptation that has , which he hasto to adapt it's basics functions The new tasks required by the state of alarm that has been in force during the pre-pandemic period have that has been in force the country.

We talked about the many health regulations healthof a provisional nature, and appeared in the 'heat' of the Royal Decrees; designed to control the disease. And the fact is that oursector has been a fundamental support to to ensure that the measures the measures that established by the legislative and executive branchesbothforeradicate the virus and to and to provide full security to citizens. This work has has forced - and continues to force - a the professionals Security professionals, both public andprivate, to be constantly up to date. All of itto enforcea multitude of protocols, such asthose that refer to thecapacity control, to social distancing or the use of masks.

Technology, an ally of some complexity

Fortunately, we have technological solutions to facilitate all this work.. Thermal cameras, access and capacity control systems; o remote surveillance equipment are a major step forward for regulatory compliance and for the for protect both the public and the workers themselves. Although in most cases; these devices require a learning require a learning process on the part of security guardswhich which leads their companies to make an investment extra investment to train and prepare them for the 'new normal'.

In short, society is facing an entirely new landscape and the members of the Private Security are totally ready to collaborate in this transition.. We have already have already demonstrated it in thethe last three months with our hard work, not without dangers and risks.  A work that we have have done Despite these difficult conditions, our work  has been justly rewarded by society, thanks to our our visibility and our constant presence in public and private areas.

However, there is still a lot of work to be done and it will be essential that our sector continues to receive public and institutional support in order to continue to continue to continue to offer a safe and quality service.. For this reason, it is necessary to boost and the reactivation of employment through specific measures. measuresas well as penalising the intrusiveness of 'multiservice' companies.multiservice companiesand pessimism about the skills of our professionals. In our case, our best guarantee is the work we have done in the last three months.We need nothing more than to continue to deliver on our mission.s expectations is to feel the support of all the social actors.

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