Private Security will be fundamental in society's adaptation to the new normality

Gradually, Spain is beginning to see hope for the results of the quarantine to isolate the cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19), thanks in part to private security. In the last month the dreaded contagion curve has been drastically reduced and, although we cannot let our guard down, it is clear that the conditions are in place to gradually make the transition to the state of 'new normality' that we will live in until a cure is found or, at least, there is an effective treatment to alleviate the disease .

So we citizens still have a somewhat protracted road ahead of us, in which social distancing and hygiene measures will still have to be the order of the day. Once the state of emergency comes to an end at the end of June, we will be able to take the necessary measures., the most important restrictions throughout the country will have disappeared, but certain protocols will need to becertain protocols in public and private spaces will be necessary to avoid the possibility ofan undesirable resurgence of Coronavirus that will practically return us to the same starting point of the past March 14.

Y, as has been the case during the worst days of the pandemic's incidence, both public and private security both public and private security forces will be key players in ensuring that this transition to the 'new normal' takes place under optimal conditions. to ensure that this transition to the 'new normal' takes place under optimal conditions. In fact, as far as we are concerned, we in the SICOR Group would like to highlight thes appreciations made by the Observatoryio Sectorial de Seguridad Privada on the role that our sector is going to play, in these important dates, in consolidating a healthy and responsible environment for all the people of the all citizens. citizens.

Facing the new context, adaptation and preparation

The reality is that in the short term nothing will be the same as before, because it will take months for the exceptional measures to be implemented. exceptional measures precautionary measures will not have to be applied. For this reason, it will take months before the exceptional precautionary measures do not have to be applied., the private security must be consolidated as an effective mechanism to ensure the control and compliance of all these aspects.; This will also help to increase the demand for this service after the three difficult the three difficult months experienced by its professionals.

Specifically, The Observatory highlights three aspects in which the contribution of private security will be fundamental due to their training and that, in addition, can help decisively to reactivate and boost employment in the sector.:

  • At at parameter control set health authoritiessuch as temperature levels or access to facilities. As these activities are of activities, all these processes must be carried out under the regulatory under the regulatory framework and with the and with the maximum guarantees of protection for the workers involved, as well as for the as well as of security in the processing of private data of the userss.
  • In the extrapolation of measurementsin transport networks and supermarkets and, where possible at legal and organisational level where possible on a legal and organisational level,for limitto limit accessto spaces and comply with the rules distancing between users. In this aspect it will be necessary to follow the strict principles set out in article 41 of the Private Security Law, adapting them to a wide variety of areas such as beaches, parks or recreational areas. In fact, y given its scope, it will be likely that the competent authorities will authorise and require that that private securityprivate security to act as a serviceto support  Security Forces and Corps.
  • Last but not least, the implementation of new services in sectors that have been particularly affected by this health crisis. by this health crisis. These include reinforcing and increasing the visibility of their protection systems to ensure full security and peace of mind. Examples of these include leisure and sporting events, the activities of cultural centres and the tourist sector, etc. In addition, due to their relevance, it will be advisable that they have the legislative and economic support of the competent public authorities.

Requirements of Private Security in order to carry out their work properly

In this situation, theSectorial Observatory calls for the fulfilment of two aspects two fundamental aspects to be able to offer this service with full guarantees:

  • That the public authorities make every effort within their powers and the law in force, to make it easier for the private security sector to carry out its functions, to facilitate that the private security sector can carry out its functionswith the maximum possible scope and level of efficiency.
  • That the necessary measures be put in place to enable the sector to offer its security services adapted to the needs of the present time, avoiding the pessimistic questioning adapted to the needs of the moment, avoiding the pessimistic questioning that certain organizations are doing to cast doubt on the suitability of adoption., by security officers, these new functions. In this sense, it is essential to highlight the importance of preserving and enhancing both the safety and health of all citizens.

In short, in a difficult situation for everyone like the one we find ourselves in, it is essential to understand the value of the role that private security wants to play. wants to to assume in order to help society. A public health problem as important as this one requires the collaboration of everyone and our sector must be fundamental so that citizens can make the transition to the new normality in a completely safe way. safely. For this reason, it requests the collaboration of the competent authorities to encourage their intervention, as well as to create an environment in which in which it can play and to give new impetus their work in the most effective, healthy and and legal way possible.

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