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According to the APROSER study, the majority of Spaniards feel safer with security guards.

In the latest study presented by the Professional Association of Private Security Services Companies(APROSER) it was determined that more than 85% of Spaniards feel greater security in those places where there is a security guard. Security guards.

One of the main conclusions reached by this publication was that the increase in the number of Security Guards has led to an increase in the feeling of security among Spaniards. 9 out of 10 people feel safer in places where there are Security Guards.

The work of private security in Spain was also recognised in its latest communiqué by the Protection and Security Service (SEPROSE) of the Guardia Civil.

It also has better data with respect to the work presented in 2016, improving the perception of this type of surveillance. 75% of those surveyed considered it to be good or very good and also necessary, as it is an option to turn to for help in the event of any incident.

The best rated were the professionals working in hospitals and health centres; followed by those working in banks and savings banks, airports and official buildings with commendable work especially in this year of COVID.

The role of private security during the pandemic has been particularly important; as we have already commented throughout the past year from the SICOR GROUP and also, according to the people questioned, essential. They have been responsible for key issues in curbing the pandemic, such as capacity control, social distancing, taking temperatures, etc.

They also felt it appropriate to recognise that Security Officers should have preferential access to equipment and protective measures such as the COVID vaccine because of the role they play in society and the necessary presence of their work.

This group of professionals has done an excellent job since the declaration of the state of alarm, putting themselves on the front line. The work of keeping citizens safe at all times has further increased the importance of this figure in society and has given citizens in general a more positive perception of the profession.

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