Facility services comprehensive services

Facility Services guarantee the quality and efficiency of the business.

Have you heard of the Facility Services? More and more companies are using Facility Services or integrated services that are looking for added solutions and support for their business, in order to promote efficiency in their day-to-day operations, and this is possible thanks to the so-called Integrated Services.

Companies sometimes contract a range of services to different providers, which can make it difficult to communicate with interlocutors and also to monitor the implementation and quality of the activity.

Against this backdrop, companies like SICOR Servicios Integrales (SICOR Group ) have emerged, specialising in providing tailor-made solutions so that clients only have to worry about boosting their business activity, i.e. making their projects more successful.

Facility Services and their advantages

1. Optimisation of time and resources

Undoubtedly, improving the productivity of a business is the objective of every company. For this reason, and thanks to the integration of integral services, it is possible to optimise time and resources. This leads to greater profitability for the company, while maintaining quality, flexibility and efficiency in daily activity.

2. Solutions to possible unforeseen events

 If incidents or unforeseen events arise, they are resolved immediately, avoiding at all times a delay in the timing and operability of customer needs. 

3. Qualified and trained personnel

The auxiliary services companies have a team of highly qualified personnel specialised in the business areas. In addition, they are in constant training to offer the best service to clients from an analytical perspective and strategic capacity.

4. The customer's business, your priority

In order for companies to forget about secondary factors that may revolve around their projects, Facility Services are the perfect solution to make their business their only priority.

With more than 20 years of experience, at SICOR Servicios Integrales we adapt to the demands of all types of clients, regardless of their sector or activity, to offer solutions through Facility Services, specialising in providing professional profiles, general services, comprehensive solutions in real estate and buildings, support for the production of commercial services, care for people and cultural services groups, among others.

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