Interview with Sergio de Domingo Ortega, General Manager of Grupo Mega 2.

Sergio de Domingo Ortega, CEO of the Mega 2 Group for the last six years, holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Complutense University of Madrid, and a Full Time MBA from IESE Business School. He has worked in different positions of responsibility in companies such as El Corte Inglés, BBVA, American Express, HPS... before becoming General Manager of the Mega-2 Group. He is also a professor in the security degree at the Francisco de Nebrija University.

"The awarding of the Champions League final and festival in Madrid was a milestone for Mega 2 Security."

Mega 2 grabbed some headlines last June for the Tottenham-Liverpool game in Madrid because it was awarded the private security contract. What has this meant for you?

The Mega 2 group has made a leap forward in the sector by winning, in competition with the most important competitors, the security contract for the events of the Champions League festival during the months of May and June and the Champions League final match in Madrid. We have achieved a milestone in the history of our company, which has a team of people accustomed to working in service excellence.

Why do you consider it a milestone?

We helped guarantee the private security of more than 100,000 people who came to Madrid for the Champions League final in coordination with the state security forces. For fifteen days, more than 1,200 Mega 2 employees, security guards, technicians and specialists, ensured security not only for the final but also for the previous festival that took place in different emblematic squares of the Spanish capital, where hundreds of thousands of people passed through.

But you have already participated in competitions for the security of sporting and musical events?

Yes, we have been in charge of private security for the Wanda Metropolitano and other clubs such as CF Fuenlabrada, to which this year we added Granada CF. We have also participated in events such as Rock in Rio and this year concerts of international artists such as Bon Jovi, Alejandro Sanz, Iron Maiden or Bruno Mars.

But none of them of the magnitude and responsibility of the Champions League final.

How did they do it?

Based on effort and tenacity, a team of professionals to whom I can only be grateful and an offer, as far as I can see, unbeatable in quality, technology and price. If we add to this the flexibility to adapt to the real needs of the client, the result is unbeatable.

And in which other sectors are you present, apart from sporting events?

We are in practically all sectors that require security in both the public and private sectors, from small clients to multinationals. For example, we are pioneers in the explosives detection sector, with the support of a strong canine division, in airports and in everything that has to do with the distribution and logistics industry, which is increasingly important for the country's economy.

 "We are in practically all sectors that demand security in both the public and private sectors, from small clients to multinationals".

And what are your internal policies like?

We are a company concerned about the training of our professionals, the environment and occupational health. And not just because we say so. Proof of this are our ISO 9001 quality certifications, our ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety certification, and our ISO 14001 certification for environmental management and commitment to the environment, both for our security services and security installations. We are also pioneers in the fight for gender equality.

Do you have a protocol in place?

Yes, we are pioneers in the sector in the defence of gender equality and we have a protocol signed with the trade unions in which, between all of us, we have drawn up frameworks of action that go in this direction and try to avoid any type of discrimination. All our actions follow internal protocols aligned with our code of ethics.

 "For fifteen days, more than 1,200 Mega 2 employees ensured the safety of more than 100,000 people."

Well, to finish, could you tell us what are the lines of business development in the near future?

Yes, we are working very actively in the field of security systems, which is where the current needs of customers are tending to go.

We have a systems department that is growing exponentially, with the best engineers and technicians to undertake all types of security projects (installation and maintenance) including CCTV, intrusion, access control, time control, license plate reader, video analytics, covering all types of customers and sectors.

Two years ago, due to the great demand from all our clients, we created a cybersecurity department that has exceeded our most optimistic expectations. The potential of these departments is unlimited and we want to bet on them.

The main objective is to be able to provide a comprehensive security solution to all possible customer needs, being flexible to these without detracting from professionalism.

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