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The importance of intelligence in private security

In the field of SecurityIn the field of private security, information is a key element.In the field of private security, information is a key element. That is why, allocating resources to is a great way to enhance this activity. this activity by strengthening by strengthening its capacity for anticipation, analysis and planning. Three really useful elements for professionals who work in this field to be able to achieve our main objective, which is none other than which is none other than to always be prepared to be ahead of events e even to tackle potentially problematic situations.

The advantages that Intelligence brings to Private Security

But, let's start at the beginning: what really is Intelligence?? We could define it as the speciality destined to the collection, processing and analysis of information., in order to be able to to plan strategies and measures of action in different fields. Thus, the military is the best known, although this tool is also essential in politics, in society and in the business field.. And, of course, as we have already pointed out, it is a key element in the Securityof course, it is a key element in security, including in the private sphere. the private sphere.

Consequently, this is what Intelligence brings to our work:
  • It allows us to have of fundamental information for the performance of ours tasks Security tasks, especially with regard to possible risk actors and potentially dangerous factors.
  • It helps us to detect elements and aspects that are known to benen a threat and that are that are not visible to the naked eye.. It is not enough to act on the basis of appearances. and have protocols in place to to analyse situations.
  • It teaches us to prioritize and allocate resources in an appropriate and cost-effective way. Thanks to its study work, we will be able to distinguish what is important from what is dispensable.
  • Facilitates the development a work of self-analysis that allows us to know our weaknesses weaknesses and strengths. We must always look for the way in which we can improve and Intelligence can show us how we can show us the way.
  • It is really useful for planify and anticipatebecause hay be ready and prepared to react to certain unforeseen events. No situation should take us by surprise, so that we can act accordingly to any event that may occur.
  • It is responsible for looking after for one's own personal and legal interests legal interests of the employees and the company itself. Intelligence not only helps to work better externally, but also internally. It is a mechanism of defence and of protection of the information information that is handled; as well as of one's own interests, which allows to armor the the work and favors its competitiveness.

Intelligence, a task that needs to be coordinated

At In short, in what we are looking for in this speciality is to minimize risks and threatsso that it is essential to have as much information as possible within the context in which we carry out our work. our work.. A need to which it is necessary to a coordinated and professional responsethrough the continuous and quality work of all the members of this security service. members who participate in this security service. In fact, the employees are the best data collectorsThe security guards themselves do essential field work that allows them field work that allows them easy access and knowledge of the terrain.

In addition, it is basic to have multiple sources of information in order to have multiple ways of cross-checking.. Within the Intelligence it is not advisable to plan and act from assumptions or perceptions. perceptions subjective perceptions of the facts, so it is necessary to carry out a wide and and deep work of data collection, to obtain the broadest and most complete view of what happened. what happened and ofand its context. This is the only way ton minimize errors and ensure the appropriate allocation of resources to each situation.

A good intelligence system relies on a solid internal on a solid internal structure

And, of course, any good intelligence system relies on a solid internal organizational structure. on a solid internal structure at the organizational levelwhere discretion is a basic premise. The information used must be managed internally to meet only the objectives set by the private security company. Thus, depending on the relevance and the need for it, specific resources may or may not be allocated to process the data collected, prepare reports and establish the guidelines for the strategies to follow.

All this means that private securityprofessionals are increasingly better trained in intelligence. They are a fundamental part of the machinery responsible for anticipating, analysing and responding to risk environments and potential threats. After all, uncertainty is an inherent element of our sector, so the important thing is to work to reduce it. the important thing is to work to reduce it.. And this approach must be done in two ways: firstly, through field work by the field work by security officersand the second, internally and operational level, thanks to with the support of specialists analysis and strategy design.

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