The best security and protection technology for burglar, robbery and occupancy alarms with the SICOR Alarms kit.

What does our alarm kit include for extra security in your flat, villa, attic or ground floor?

At SICOR Alarms we customise these kits for each type of home and client, depending on whether they are flats, ground floors, penthouses, chalets or second homes, which tend to be empty for longer, and are therefore more vulnerable to the risks of burglary and occupation. We also take into account the specific needs of each client, because each person is different and we make sure that everyone is protected and above all, worry-free and in good hands. When you are not there, we are there.

Our kits also come with installation, free registration, as well as legal checks, to ensure that everything works correctly at all times.

The SICOR Alarms personal security system with which you will be protected inside and outside the home includes the following elements:

1. Deterrent plaque

The SICOR Alarms plaque is the first security element that any intruder will come across and, therefore, the first barrier to any assault, robbery or occupation thanks to its powerful deterrent effect that repels thieves and differentiates protected homes and businesses from those that are not. Our customers receive several plaques when they purchase our alarm system.

2. Magnetic home access contact and opening detector

It detects the opening of doors, windows and any access where it is installed. Thanks to its advanced detection technology, sensitive to movement, knocks or forcing and opening, we can detect the burglar before he enters your home and thus offer you a greater guarantee and protection against any intrusion or burglary.

3. Keyboard

It is a wireless device located at the entrance of the home to connect and disconnect the alarm system locally. It has emergency medical, fire and panic buttons, offering 360º protection for all our customers.

4. Photodetector

These are detection elements with an infrared sensor and a state-of-the-art colour camera to help our Alarm Reception Centre (ARC) identify the cause of the alarm. They are located in the corners of the places with vision to protect and have a detection field of 90º. 

5. Control panel

It is the heart of the alarm, it receives the signals from all the elements of the system via radio and with encrypted codes to make sabotage difficult. It is linked to an ADSL communication line and another GSM line to transmit signals to our own ARC.

6. Indoor siren

It is also wireless and broadcasts the sound of the alarm inside the house, also alerting neighbours so that the assailant can flee as soon as possible.

7. Perimeter infrared detector

It detects the presence of unauthorised persons by analysing the volume of movement and temperature. Our control centre will quickly receive all the data to act before the intruder has gained access to the inside of your home.

8. Alarm Receiving Centre

All your alarm signals reach our Alarm Reception Centre, with the highest technology and best professionals. Our experts are ready to respond immediately and effectively 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

9. Verification and police notification

When an alarm is triggered, our specialists verify the signals emitted by each of the alarm elements, listen through the control panel, check the images and the existing movement in the home. Once the intrusion has been verified, they notify the police and our team to send the appropriate help to your home to guarantee the safety of you and your family.

10. Application of SICOR Alarms 

The SICOR AlarmsSecurity App , available both on Google Play and Apple Store, has all the features to keep you calm and protected, you can connect and disconnect the alarm, know its status or receive high quality images, as well as benefiting from other options such as the panic button with geolocation and arrival control, as well as any other administrative issue.

Feeling protected with the best alarm 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is now possible with SICOR Alarmas, always with the guarantee of El Corte Inglés!

You can consult the additional elements to our kit here, the best security technology in good hands.

If you need more information, call us on 900 533 941 or if you prefer we will contact you as soon as possible.

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