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5 trends in the logistics industry to boost companies' businesses

The logistics sector is a highly competitive market that is constantly evolving in order to adapt to customer needs. One of the most important aspects in the logistics world is the achievement of pre-determined objectives. In addition, deadlines must be met in order to optimize time and, consequently, company costs.

Due to the rise of new technologies, which undoubtedly allows to improve logistics processes, SICOR Logística Integral, a company of the SICOR Group, has unveiled a series of trends that are revolutionizing the logistics sector today.

1. The most advanced technology

Logistics companies that resort to the use of the latest technology, are more valued by customers; as they allow streamlining logistics in different areas. Thus, blockchain or 5G are just some examples that guarantee the business success of businesses by providing them with a differential value.

2. Specialized professionals in constant training

As technology and innovation are two pillars that are being imposed in the logistics market; the truth is that more and more qualified experts with specific training are in demand , that is, who are able to apply technological knowledge and new ways of working in this area. It is therefore important that they are familiar with concepts such as Industry 4.0 or Manufacturing, among others.

3. Care for the environment

Currently, protecting the environment is one of the main objectives for many companies, which are aware of the need to make their businesses more sustainable, in order to take care of the planet. Given this reality, offering reliable logistics solutions under the umbrella of sustainability is one of the most talked-about trends for this year.

4. Higher level of demand in services

Companies that request logistics services demand high quality levels in the different areas of performance, from loading and unloading to picking, including shipment preparation, among others.

5. The customer, the logistics priority

In order to build customer loyalty and make them feel secure throughout the process, it is essential to carry out certain actions such as monitoring and follow-up of the logistics services offered, in addition to providing personalized attention at all times.

At SICOR Logística Integral we have a wide experience, structure, knowledge and specialization, since we are the great logistics partner of our customers.

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