The security guards

Security guards; a fundamental pillar in the protection of goods and people.

Successfully protecting property and people is one of the main functions that characterize the quality of the services offered by security guards. These professionals are an essential link in society , guaranteeing the peace of mind of companies, in any sector, as well as individuals.  

To work as a Security Guard, it is not only essential to obtain a series of professional skills and specific knowledge, but it is also necessary to meet certain requirements established by the Ministry of the Interior, in order to accompany, defend and protect infrastructures and people 24 hours a day.

To this end, the training of security guards plays a key role. In addition to having or being in a position to obtain the Compulsory Secondary Education Graduate (ESO); Technician or other qualifications (equivalent or higher) for professional purposes, it is important to have the accredited certification of having passed the corresponding course or courses in the Private Security training centres authorised by the Secretary of State for Security.

Under the standards of current regulations, security officers also have certain duties; assisting the security forces, carrying out checks, searches and preventions or identifying themselves by means of their professional card are just some of them. 

Companies such as SICOR Seguridad, part of the SICOR Group, have security guards trained in different areas, with the support of the latest technological resources, which allow them to adapt to the needs of their clients, offering complete and efficient services, providing a high level of quality.

And, remember, all security guards must be licensed by the Ministry of the Interior. In order to discover the requirements that must be met to work in this sector, click here.  

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