How sales promoters can help you

Sales promoters are the people we are used to seeing especially in Christmas campaigns, Mother's or Father's Day, sales or commercial actions, they help brands to promote the sale of their products either through data collection or demonstrations, which they carry out at venues, exhibitions and fairs or any other location. 

SICOR Servicios integrales, carries out a careful selection of personnel according to the client's needs. 

Through the service of sales promoters, companies can protect the reputation of the brand and give certain messages about it; therefore, at SICOR Servicios Integrales, it is essential to provide our clients with properly trained staff, receiving a briefing and appropriate guidelines to know exactly how they should carry out their work depending on the product to be presented: training on the characteristics of the material on display, composition, functionalities, etc., to respond to customer queries.

Experienced sales promoters

Our team has extensive experience in customer service, which allows us to arouse the interest of the people who pass by your stand and finally buy or give their data, depending on the purpose of the promotion you are covering at any given time.

The collection of data on each promotion allows the client to draw up reports to assess the commercial strategy that is being implemented, which can be quickly modified to achieve the objectives of the action to be covered. SICOR SERVICIOS Integrales has staff who supervise the promoters' actions by means of personal visits.

Companies cannot always have as many staff as they would like, as this entails high costs, which is why companies like ours are key for these peak times, providing a qualified and temporary team, achieving high profitability for the companies.

Furthermore, at SICOR Servicios Integrales, we specialise in ensuring that promoters not only offer the company's products but also "evangelise" the rest of the sales staff.

If you are thinking of incorporating sales promotion professionals; at SICOR Servicios Integrales we will be happy to inform you, please contact us if you need us.

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