Dark stores

Dark Stores are the new trend in logistics and e-commerce.

The needs of customers change and, consequently, so does the market and its ways of working, which is why dark stores have emerged.

 Nowadays, with the rise of technology and the increase of online commerce, companies have had to adapt their services in order to optimise the buying and selling process. One of the most important parts of this process is logistics and shipping.

In order to increase the functionality of these sectors, many companies have opted for so-called " dark stores", which are dedicated to online sales. Their main task is to increase the speed of the purchasing process as well as delivery times. To this end, these shops are set up as warehouses in which orders are packed and prepared, so that they become a physical space that is closed to the public.

As they are places that aim to improve the customer's shopping experience, the provisioning of products in dark stores allows them to be located according to demand, optimising preparation and, consequently, delivery times. dark stores allows products to be located according to demand, optimising preparation and, consequently, delivery times. 

In addition, this trend has other advantages, not least sustainability. With the growing concern for controlling gas emissions, the creation of these spaces allows the delivery of orders to be carried out with a smaller number of vehicles. In this way, it is no longer each individual who comes to do the shopping, but a single lorry that supplies several people.

Benefits of dark stores

On the other hand, it should be noted that dark stores dark stores have a series of benefits that traditional physical shops do not offer, such as, for example, the ease of serving large areas of consumption. They are large spaces, which allows them to cover several locations and high order demands. It also allows for a greater quantity and variety of products.

There are many Spanish companies or companies established in Spain that are increasingly opting for this business model, which allows them greater visibility and an increase in their functions. For example, it is worth mentioning El Corte Inglés, which decided to close one of its largest shops in Madrid in order to transform it into a dark store Bricor in Madrid to transform it into a dark store capable of handling approximately 1,000 orders a day.

However, this is only the beginning of the evolution that will take place in the logistics sector in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of e-commerce. With the increase in dark stores, the demand for logistics specialists is going to grow, so at SICOR Logística Integral we offer our services to all those companies that need them so that they can join this trend that is here to stay.

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